Covid-19 Awareness
Essential information of COVID-19 and how this could affect working practices. Including cleansing and sanitising effectively to prevent the spread of infection.
Covid-19 Awareness - Course Details
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covid 19 awareness training for the workplace


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This course can be carried out virtually via zoom.

Or in a classroom setting, at our training centre or at a premises of your choice.

Covid-19 Awareness Training.

Essential information of COVID-19  and how this could affect working practices.

Control and reduce the risk of covid-19 infection in the workplace- assessing risk and putting in place procedures to reduce them.

cleaning & disinfecting- Timings, products,processes involved.

Correct use of PPE including masks- WHY WEAR PPE IF YOU DONT HOW TO USE IT PROPERLY.


Mental Health

Steps for caring for mental health, anxiety, depression and isolation. For many the pandemic has turned our lives upside down and made what we once seen as a safe and familiar place, now seem alien and a risk to our health. Fear and anxiety forcing us to avoid friends, family and colleagues – for many isolation has overwhelmed and engulfed our lives.

This course can be delivered online via zoom or in person.

Covid-19 Awareness

Who is this course for?

This covid-19 awareness course is for anyone who requires essential information of COVID-19 and how this could affect working practices. This can include all employees, volunteers, management and private individuals.

There will also be opportunities to discuss your own personal circumstances and ask questions and advice.


Topics covered
  • The symptoms of COVID-19 and what to do if you display them
  • Personal hygiene measures to prevent COVID-19
  • Government guidelines for businesses
  • Tips for social distancing and self-isolation
  • Implementing workplace cleaning and infection control measures
  • Assessing risk and PPE use
  • Working safely with colleagues
  • Steps to help with anxiety / depression /isolation

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